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Wed 24 May
  • Wednesday, 24 May 2023
  • 7:45pm - 9:15pm
  • Online - Zoom



One of the heart values of The Listening Ear ongoing equipping is to provide Biblical, practical and relevant material for where you are on your prophetic journey. 

The TLE-Impact Groups consist of six monthly online Zoom sessions (May-July and September-November – dates can be found below) as well as other sessions you can access whenever you want. During the group Zoom meetings, there will be time for feedback from the previous session, teaching videos from a wide variety of prophetic people, depending on which stream you choose. These include Adrian Horner, Mike Bollinger, Anna Goodman, Maurice Nightingale, Ian Ormesher, Marshall Schaitel and a variety of others from The Listening Ear team.

There will also be real-life practical activities and challenges to take away and put into practice. Each group will be hosted by facilitators from The Listening Ear team so there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, for prayer, and to put some of the teaching into practice and with prophetic input.

Putting this all together and making the evenings happen take much prayer, thought and preparation. To help cover costs and to make this happen there is a small charge of £50 per person which includes all six live sessions as well as other recorded sessions that you can access at your leisure. If you are not able to attend some of the sessions, you will have access to the recorded teaching videos and the notes too so you can catch up before the next session.

If this cost is a challenge to you, please have a chat with your church Elders – they may well be able to help and if not, let us know so we can see what might be possible.


The Experienced stream is really for those that are working on a bigger scale.  Directional words to your church family, involved in shaping vision, ministry not only locally but in other settings too.  You don’t have to be an Ephesians 4 Prophet, but for some there is a weight and calling that needs a place to grow and be challenged, this is it.  This really is more than 'I bring words regularly' – as wonderful as that is – this group is more focused.  As such, if you apply for this group you will need your Eldership to confirm, agree it is right and recommend you.

Please have a look at the proposed sessions – they can be fluid as we go along dependant on the group, what is happening around and where the Spirit leads too.  All will be covered, but only six will be live – exciting anticipation!

  • Revelation Rooted in Relationship.
  • Running in Team.
  • Developing a prophetic community and culture.
  • Establishing mentoring with strategic Pauls and Timothys.
  • Ensuring our ministering is always useful, missional, building and encouraging, even when bringing directional words.
  • Our sphere of Influence – how wide is our gifting?
  • Handling pressure and frustration with discernment.
  • Filtering through the myriad of prophetic and apostolic voices to hear and respond.

The dates for the Experienced online sessions are:
24 May    
21 June 
19 July      
20 September    
18 October      
29 November

If you're not sure the Experienced stream is right for you, you can check out the other streams here:
Starting Out
Intermediate More

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